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Per Ordinance 90-6 Regulating and Controlling Nuisances, animals which are left free
to roam within the Village are considered nuisances.  Such animals will be trapped by
the Village and sent to Logan County Animal Control.  Offenders whose pets are
captured will have to pay a fine prior to their release.



The Village YARD WASTE Burn Pile is open 7AM - 7PM on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Both days are weather permitting.
Please DO NOT throw your yard waste over the gate when the area is closed.  Thank you!


Referrer to Ordinance 2019-1 for a list of prohibited items.



The President and several trustees have received complaints from concerned citizens about dog and other animal waste being left in their yards and on public property.

Do NOT leave your animal’s waste on property that you are not responsible for.

Pick it up!

Carry your “pooper scooper” or a bag and take it home with you.  This is breaking the ordinance and you will be fined.  If you don’t mow it or scoop snow off of it

– do NOT leave your animal’s waste there.

Elkhart President and Village Board

Attention: Volunteers Needed!!!


The Elkhart Fire Department is in need of volunteers.  Want to help but can or only want to help out in certain areas?  No problem!  Give us a call to discuss how you can serve and give back your community!  
Applicants must be in good medical health, at least 16 years old, have a valid driver’s license and be receptive to a background check and drug & alcohol test.  Please call Chief Akers 217-947-2931 or email lf154@fdmail.sfm.illinois.gov for more information.

Thank you, Elkhart Fire Dept.

Village Hall Rental


If anyone wants to rent the Village Hall, they are to contact:

Abby Fletcher



The rates are:
$35.00 for an individual for 1-4 hrs

$50.00 for over 4 hrs

$50.00 for a business for 1-4 hrs

$100.00 for over 4 hrs

No Charge for non-profit organizations

Park Pavilion Reservations


If anyone wants to reserve the park pavilion, they are to contact
Nancy Moore at 217-494-1276.

"Welcome to Elkhart"


Do you have an announcement or event that you would like to
make public?

Post it on our revitalized "Welcome to Elkhart" sign, located along Old
Route 66 at Governor Oglesby St.

Contact the Village Hall for more information


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